Just The Way It Was
An Irish story of traditional farm life & immigration.
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In 1947, at the age of 18, Thomas Gilrane immigrated from County Leitrim to America.

His childhood of farming, family, hard work and religion provided him with all he needed to succeed. His memoir details life growing up in a thatched cottage, without electricity, water or any modern conveniences. The simple joys, challenges and difficulties that were typical of living a traditional farm life in rural Ireland are described in vivid detail.

It is a fascinating journey, and one that was common for thousands of Irish families in the early 1900’s. He tells his story as he remembers it —Just the Way It Was.

If you have questions for the author send email to tom@justthewayitwas.com

A special note from the Author:
Thanks to all of you for your interest in my story. It has been great connecting with so many of you! This book started as a simple family project - had I known it would be published there is more I might have included. I'll be ading more quick stories and Irish Folk Lore to the list below, Just the Way It Was, as I remember . . .

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